Matt Heiar 



Professional Story

  1. Preparing for the next step in life isn’t always easy.
  2. Knowledge is the key to a successful financial future.
  3. Protect those you love.
  4. I am dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives.
  5. My broad knowledge of financial products helps give my clients the confidence they need when working with a financial professional.
  6. My background, experience and commitment to providing you with the resources you need to make financial decisions, can help make your financial future as successful as you need it to be.
  7. My combination of experience, professionalism and access to a wide variety of products and services can help you meet your financial goals, estate strategies and insurance needs.
  8. I pride myself in getting to know each client so that I can understand their individual needs and what matters most to them. This helps me recommend products and strategies designed to meet their current, and more importantly, future needs.
  9. I provide total financial needs analysis through a network of experienced professionals with detailed knowledge in: retirement income solutions, estate strategies, employee benefit and retention services, business continuation strategies, and trust services.
  10. I provide an analysis of your current financial situation and help you: identify financial goals and concerns, illustrate what is being done to reach your goals and deal with concerns, identify gaps, if present, and offer solutions to help fill them.


Beaver Dam High School



Community Involvement

Beaver Dam Chamber